• Game on the Throne
    "WEEPOO is coming"

    The first bluetooth connected Toilet Seat. A new kind of game controler, a new kind of Virtual Reality!


    Sit, connect, play!

  • Dance like crazy...

    ...no one is watching you. Sensors are non invasive,
    We won’t be collecting data about your number one and number two. Privacy is the key while potty-seated.Play some music, sing and dance!


    Discover new universes

    The perfect size of a chip travelling in time and space, is the size of a Police Phone box.

    How convenient !

    drive with precision

    planes, tanks or submarines but don't get wet!

    play with your friends

    Enjoy multiplayer games and be sure no-one is cheating watching your screen


    What if... I told you, that you use toilets everyday... this is the perfect moment to do some regular exercises, without being disturbed.

    Control drones

    How can you be sure the whole universe still exist when you are in the restroom? Check it! Controle your drones from the best hideout.


    Play music, or draw masterpiece, moving with grace and enthusiasm!
    How does it works?
    Because yes, it's real, and of course it really works! It's 2017, what did you expect?

  • How does it works?

    Because yes, it's real, and of course it really works! It's 2017, what did you expect?


    You should know how to do it

    But if you are not sure, you might be interested by instruction from the prince of squatty potty.


    Once you sit on it , WEEPOO automatically wakes up.


    By bluetooth, as a gamepad device

    By bluetooth, as a gamepad device


    The form factor suggests Near Feld Contact(NFC/RFID), but unless your phone is the size of the seat, it's better to use standard battery and standard protocol


    launch your game


    launch your game​

    At least on Android, you even can select your game from the seat.

    Move !

    Whow! a whole new world

    Whow! a whole new world

    Move left, right, jump and and control your game by moving.

    When finished, just leave the room. The seat will stop automatically


  • But how does it really works?

    Sensors get your balance on the toilet. If you move left-right, front-back or try to turn, WEEPOO will detect it. You also have more controls like jump/duck. Using high precision load sensors and accelerometers, precision is actually much higher than needed for most of games.

  • Compatibility

    As using Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0), WEEPOO is compliant with most of actual devices


    from iphone 4s and ipad 3rd generation


    from most of android 4.3 devices and upper

    also compliant with Cardboard, Gear VR and VR devices


    from Windows 8, and upper

    Also compliant with Oculus Rift


    I'm sure you know if your computer is compliant or not

    Anyway, it's compliant with raspberry pi, or with arduino and a the right “BLE master” Shield. Enjoy hacking!

  • Next Generation of Virtual Reality

    High resolution, motion tracking, wireless, it just needs the space of toilets, keep your living room for your swimming pool!








  • FAQ

    What Game is Compliant with WEEPOO

    WEEPOO is not made just for one videogame but for every device compliant bluetooth 4.0. This means it is compliant with all the games compliant with Android, Windows, Linux...
    But for the best experience, WEEPOO is more enjoyable for games such as: race games, "1st person" game, or VR.
    In the future, it might also be great for dancing game, playing music, drawing...

    When can I expect my WEEPOO?

    WEEPOO is still under developpement. It is getting tested for hours in different conditions, in order to offer a reliable product. We hope to ship Q4 2017

    Can I play multi-player games?

    Depending of the game you plays, you can play with your friends, while they are one the same circonstances. toilets are often WiFi compliant, so it can become a great way for video-games competition between companies.

    I tried Virtual Reality headsets, and they make me sick after a moment

    Toilet is the perfect place to be in this occasion, isn't it?

    Hum, this looks interesting, Can I use it for “adult-only” things?

    By adult only things, do you mean paying taxes and doing your own laundry? Should it be the case, the toilet seat might not be of great help. This toilet seat is your property, and you can use it as a frisbee or to frame the picture of someone you really hate. Anyway, we decline all responsibilities for where your imagination takes you. Please just make sure to be safe and that the toilet seat and all parties involved consent

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